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WORK-LIFE BALANCE - Why You Should Plan Your Family vacation (PART 2)

31-Jul-2014.By: Funmilola Sipe


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Families are very crucial to one’s success. Having a healthy family relationship can balance one’s career. Families are the people who know and accept everything about us. They rejoice at our successes and share the sorrows of failures with us.

Nowadays, every family member seems so busy with work, school and activities that they don’t get adequate time to interact with each other even though they stay in the same home. This has made family vacations extremely important.The focus on family plays a strong role in our society. Some people manage to do it from home, although a change of surroundings often helps one to disconnect from daily concerns. No matter how simple or extravagant the vacation, the act of getting together with family members is very exciting.

In continuation of our article on Family Vacation, here are tips for planning for a family vacation on a budget.

  1. Determine the budget for the family vacation and save in advance for family vacations: it is the wisest thing to do because it will guide you. Let every member of the family know the budget. If you have older kids, they might also have their personal savings towards the vacation.
  2. Decide on where you would like to have the vacation: The whole family takes part in the planning of a vacation in one way or other. This gives everyone an opportunity to contribute ideas which makes them take ownership of the trip and therefore more happy to participate. As you plan your family vacation, consider your kids ages and personalities. Plan for what the youngest in the family can really and truly handle. It is better to match the scheduling and activity level to your kids’ developmental age than take a "vacation" nobody is actually enjoying.

If vacation will take place outside the Country, learn all about the Country from the immigration laws, weather to the culture of the people. If you would require a visa for the rip, apply for visas in advance before planning; if you already have a visa for such trip, check if it is valid by the time you travel; make sure all family members passports are valid at least six months to the trip.

  1. Keep your vacations focused:  Avoid making grand plans so that you don’t miss out on the whole essence of the vacation. Remember, it is a time to share memorable activities with your family. Try and schedule an active day followed by a more relaxing day. It's hard to do in some destinations where there is so much to see and do.
  2. Decide what time of the year you would like to go for the family vacation: make sure you take every member of the family into consideration when deciding what time of the year to travel.
  3. Decide how to get to your vacation destination: Whether you are to travel by road, air or train, purchase tickets in advance. You can consult your travel agent or travel sites for cheaper or discounted tickets.
  4. Decide where you will stay: The cost of staying in a hotel might be expensive. You can search for hotel deals and pay in advance. Other ways of reducing accommodation cost can be to rent homes which are more affordable especially if you have a big family. There are also other added benefits of renting a home like having a Kitchen which gives you the opportunity to make your meals and save on eating out throughout your vacation because Meals out will take up a big chunk of your travel budget. You can also make your laundry yourselves instead of paying for laundry services. If you are going to stay at a hostel or hotel, pick one that offers a free breakfast and make sure you wake up in time to enjoy it.
  5. Transportation within Vacation Sites: Investigate the different means of transportation as well as the cheapest ways to get to and from your vacation destination. Taking a bus or train might be the least expensive option. Renting a car can also be less expensive to taking taxis. You can rent a car for the period provided you have the international Driver’s license.
Now that we have seen how important family vacation is; we can begin to plan for one. Kindly contact me for more details on budget planning family vacations.

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