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Why Deny Your Family of Good Times? ...See Great and Affordable Summer Ideas!

15-Aug-2016.By: Funmi Sipe


Family times are the best and summer vacations are usually fun. The summer break is the long holiday period when families plan their summer vacations. For those families that love adventure, they plan in advance to spend the holiday outside of the country while setting aside a budget to cover visas, tickets, trips and shopping.


Unfortunately, with the current economic episodes of the unpleasant rise in foreign currencies, alarming ticket fares and the high cost of vacation trips; most families have had to cancel their vacation plans, thereby depriving themselves of the beautiful experiences that come with family time-outs.


Come to think of it, who says you cannot have a memorable summer vacation in Nigeria? How about availing your children the beauty of knowing more about their own country and its divergent culture, places and heritage?


Well, I have good news for you. You can still have an affordable and enjoyable summer in Nigeria where you do not need to convert Naira to foreign currencies at the merciless black market rates. You are better off spending Naira now! Consider engaging in the wealth of activities with your family at these great location ideas:



Parks are great for family picnics or day-outs. They are also fantastic for fun, excitement and relaxation. Most parks offer varieties of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for children and adults. You can treat your family to great times by visiting the Apapa Amusement park, High Impact, Omu Resort Park, Dream World Africana, Get Arena, Millennium Park, Fun Factory, Funtopia etc.



A sure way to get away from the daily life routines such as house chores, school runs, and business meetings is to visit the Resorts. Most of the resorts are at the outskirts of cities; surrounded by beaches or rivers. The facilities and services range from spas, exotic lunch, dinner beside the beaches, sports, cruises or boat rides to biking. Some wonderful resorts in Nigeria are: Omu Resort, Inagbe Beach Resort, Green Legacy, Abeokuta, Golden Tulip Resort, Festac, Obudu Mountain resort, Epe Resort, Tinapa Resort, Akodo Beach Resort, La Campagne Tropicana, Lekki Conservation Center etc.



You can visit the Cinemas and Shopping malls for family hang-outs. This is trendy in Nigeria at the moment as more shopping malls and Cinemas are being opened. Some of the existing Cinemas are; Silverbird Galleria (Victoria Island), film House Cinema (Surulere), Ozone Cinema, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas etc. The Ikeja Shopping Mall, (Alausa), Maryland Mall, (Maryland, Lagos), Shoprite Shopping Mall (Lekki, Lagos) are some of the malls where families can window-shop and eat out.




Family visits to Museums, Cultural Sites, Arts Galleries and Zoos can be unforgettable experiences as we are reminded and also teach our young ones about our culture, heritage and wildlife. Arts Galleries such as Terra Culture, Nike Art Galleries, The Jazzhole, National Arts Theatre etc are ideal for stage plays. Olumo Rock (Abeokuta), Ikogosi Warm Springs, Agbokim Waterfalls, Zuma Rock, Idanre Hills, IITA (Ibadan), Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls, Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, Badagry Slave Museum and Black History etc. are some of the cultural Sites that house our history.



For Family picnics, beaches are the best. The coolness of the breeze, whispering sea waves, silky sands, coconut trees provide an alluring environment where families can indulge in a wealth of activities such as biking, horse-riding, dancing, board games etc. Lagos is blessed with so many beaches; from the ever busy public beaches to the quiet private beaches: Lekki Peninsula Beach, Oniru Beach, Lekki Leisure Lake, Takwa Bay Beach, Badagry Beach, Whispering Palms, Coconut Beach etc.


With these location ideas, you can spend time with your family this holiday and give them an unforgettable holiday experience without going bankrupt. Remember, “Family is the most important thing in the world”.



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