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‘I look big in this dress’, ‘This jeans makes me look fat’, ‘I wish I could lose all these fats, to look good’, ‘I look too thin’, ‘Look at the way that top looks on this lady, wish I could look like that’. These thoughts and so much more go through the mind of every lady; from an early age, women have always been conscious of their bodies. What crosses a woman’s mind when she thinks of her body? How do women react to words like ‘fat’, ‘obese’, ‘thin’, ‘blob’ and many more? These words are in the dictionary, but how do they affect the woman emotionally and physically.

Twenty-seven year old Ekanem, is a pretty, upwardly mobile lady lawyer, who works in a law firm in Lagos. She has always had a ‘figure 8’ body, and has been conscious of her body from a very young age; due to words and side comments she got from peers, both positive and negative. Ekanem decided to do everything possible to loose ‘weight’, thereby resorting to using all sorts of products, like slimming pills and teas, as well as herbal products that promised magical weight loss within a month or less. With all the products being taken, Ekanem ignored her health and all the possible the consequences of using these products to her body. Not long afterward, she started purging and losing weight drastically, thereby making her look unhealthy. Her face looked gaunt, resorting to her looking sickly. She could hardly eat healthy and soon started experiencing headaches and blurry visions. With all these, Ekanem had to go see a physician and was advised to stop taking these products, as they were not healthy for her.

Jane, a nineteen year old university student, unlike Ekanem, is on the slim side which she never liked because of jests from friends and sometimes family members. Jane did everything possible to add weight, she felt clothes did not fit her. So, she decided to eat and drink everything that came her way, as far as they were edible. There was nothing Jane did not eat, from all sort of fries, she mixed all sort of drinks, ate late at night and so on. Unbeknownst to Jane, all these were not good for her health; as they caused discomfort to her. On a routine check-up at her family hospital, she was diagnosed with high Cholesterol. Her doctor told her she was lucky, with all the things she ate she would have had a high sugar level, exposed herself to diabetes or some worse conditions.

Looking at the stories of these two ladies, it is obvious they neglected their health; all they thought of was just either to lose or gain weight.

Generally, we all need to be careful with the meals we eat; we can have vegetables (any type, either cooked or raw). Try meals rich in protein, fruits like apples, pawpaw, banana, pineapple, etc., also nuts (almonds, cashews, groundnuts, etc.). Let us also learn to cook with cholesterol free oil, this is very good and it has been advised by doctors.

Regular exercises are good for the body, it keeps us fit and agile; we do not have to go to the gym all the time. Exercises can be done at home, like squats, lunges, sit-ups, leg-squats, skipping, step-up etc. Also, let us not forget to drink plenty of water, as it helps to cleanse the body.

Drinking 8-ounces of water every day is what we all know, but due to our climate condition which is hot and dry, an additional 16-ounces every day is advisable.

Having a regular check-up is also advisable, as this helps to know the state of one’s health. A woman should always love her body, this helps her exude confidence and makes her comfortable in her skin.

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