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Stop Wishing You Were Her (Take the Bold Step to Exercise Daily)

05-Apr-2015.By: Bukola Iriogbe (Contributor)


She looks all sporty in her work out jersey, trainers tightly secured on her feet, sweat bands in place, headphones stuck on the ear and as she jogs down the lane, the first rays of what promises to be a bright and sunny day starts to form streaks across the sky; all you see is an exercise goddess; while you, still yawning because you just got out of bed, your hair in disarray not forgetting the awkward positioning of your night wear, can only stand at the window, nurse your cup of coffee and watch with a gloomy face as she runs by wishing you were her.

That is the image every Aina, John, Trisha, Aminu, Talatu and Jubril, who wishes to exercise regularly but is yet to get a hang of it, sees whenever he or she is mooning over the inability to exercise. To exercise bluffs, it might be easy to say exercising does not need much will power, but for people who are yet to get a hang of it, exercising is, really, a tough call. Many people give all sorts of ‘funny’ reasons they cannot exercise; some say they don’t like to sweat, some say they don’t like having to change clothes during the course of the day, some say they cannot afford sophisticated exercise kits and will not use anything less, the list is endless. Some really want to get some fat off their bones but are they just too lazy to work on it? Maybe they are or maybe not, here are some supposedly ‘cogent’ reasons people will not exercise.

They Are Too Tired

Yes we live in a fast paced world where the hours of the day fly past like the wind and it’s the darkness that cast its shadows that remind us the day is gone- again! Now the question is, was the day well spent? That could be answered on an individual basis but then, did you get an exercise? Many claim they are too tired to work out after the day’s work but little did they know that working out actually gives more energy. It’s true, tried and tested. They (experts) posit that the body requires feel good hormones (endorphins) and this helps “the circulation going”. It might be asking for too much if one is required to work out only in the mornings, but anytime of the day is just fine, as long as you are able to squeeze the time, the most important thing according to Gina Crome, a certified athletic trainer, is that the body gets into a better shape, you are no longer fatigued, your sleeping pattern is improved and you are better able to manage stress.

Exercise is Boring

Hmmm! So, is this really true? Well it depends on what you do, how you do it and when it’s done. Do you stick to morning exercises, visit the same gym, the same exercise routines, at a specific time, with the same trainer, on the same day of the week and you expect it won’t be boring? Not a chance! Those who coined the saying that ‘variety is the spice of life’ were not far from the truth because this also applies to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy life style.

In order not to get bored easily, a variety of activities should be infused such as climbing, outdoor exercise as opposed to indoor, joining a workout group instead of just visiting the gym alone, switch your exercise routines from high calorie burn workouts to yoga to boxing to running or jogging and so on, get dancing, watch TV while you exercise on the treadmill, learn a new sport like squash etcetera! Exercising could really be enjoyable, the idea is to allow some level of flexibility, choose what works for you and see how it all plays out.

Good Diet

Diet, good diet, is essential in leading a heavy lifestyle and since exercising is a healthy life style, good diet therefore applies. First and foremost, energy is needed for exercising and if your diet cannot provide that, then you will not feel fit enough to exercise. Good diet entails eating properly balanced meals, low carb foods, less sugary food items, specifics include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy protein amongst others help to vitalise the body. Good eating habits go a long way such that a nutritionist refers to it as one of the greatest impact in achieving physique and body composition goals.

Experts have advised that in maintaining a healthy wellbeing and physique, exercising is the way to go as dieting simply means to go on hunger strike, because once one begins to eat the regular way, all the supposedly lost fat will come rushing back with full steam.

Motivate Yourself

In achieving your perfect weight, or perfect well being, you are the architect of your own house. Yes it’s good to have the right people around you who can and will encourage you and even sometimes volunteer to work out with you; it is also paramount that you are self motivated. Having set goals on what you want to achieve through exercising goes a long way in motivating you to leading a healthy life. It’s true that you can only force a camel you the river but you cannot force it to drink. What if you have people supporting you but yet you mount up hundreds of calories on a daily basis, the efforts of these people can only work for a bit, you will get tired of it pretty soon and this is where self motivation comes in. when you are tired, speak to yourself and take that bold step to go for your Monday morning jog.

Anyone who exercises, all things being equal, cannot miss a healthy lifestyle. Exercising is one of the ways to living right. If you do not want to be ‘a jack of all trade and master of none’, pick up exercising today and you will be on a roller coaster to being fit and healthy. 

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