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No Cross, No Crown

22-Apr-2014.By: Elsie Solomon


The training was the bomb. I am so enlightened now on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. How could I have asked for more? Now I will be visiting the gym every day. I will cut down on my carbohydrate intake. From henceforth, I will love fruits (this won’t be easy). I will not consume too much of fatty foods. In fact, I have put a stop to eating such. No more ice cream, no more candy bars, no more meat pies and chicken pies, no more late night foods. As I am leaving this training hall, I will look for a gym-partner that will always be on time and present at the gym with me, just so that I might not be discouraged as time goes on (selfish me). I can go on and on about what I am going to stop and what I am going to begin and it starts from today; wish me good luck.

On getting home I refused to eat the food my wife gave me which was pounded yam and white soup. I was tempted, but I conquered, thank God. I have settled for the watermelon my little daughter left over this evening when she returned from school. In the middle of the night the pangs of hunger dealt mercilessly with me. At a point I almost saw myself going to the kitchen to eat a little of the pounded yam my wife gave me earlier that evening, but had to hold back  because I was afraid she will have so much fun mocking me. Well, the most important thing is that I scaled through the night unhurt.

Honestly speaking, I felt a kind of unexplainable joy within me. As I drove to the office, smiles were smeared all over my face, but I know it had something to do with my determination to start exercising and living healthy.

Interestingly, the picture I had in my mind was a slimmer me with tucked-in tummy and looking fresh. But the question I asked myself was, am I ready to sacrifice what it takes to look as such? Whatever the case may be I will give it a try, I vowed.

Before I entered the last bend to my office, I saw the usual lady that sells “hot puff puff”. I ignored and wanted to go on, but she yelled out and called my nickname, which people in the area know well as “Mr Palata” gotten from palatable food. This is because I eat well and my food is always complete with all the condiments that are needed and not needed. I struggled within me, but I gave in and bought the puff puff. I ate it and shared some with my colleagues. Something strange happened afterwards, I felt like I have committed a sin. I felt bad, so I decided to go to the nearby gym close to my office to quickly register with them in order to feel better and surprisingly it made me a lot better.

I continued this for six weeks and didn’t notice any change in my body size. I got discouraged. For God’s sake, why would I do this much exercise, deny myself of my favourite foods and not get any reward, it’s been two weeks now I mourned.

All of a sudden I began to lose interest. I wasn’t  frequent at the gym as I used to. I started giving too many excuses why I can’t eat fruits anymore; why I will start eating meat instead of chicken, why my food quantity should increase. I continued like that for a while until I got a better understanding of the proper way to live healthy. It is not about all of the embargo on almost all choices of food you are used to, but making a decision in your heart that you will reduce all your high cholesterol foods little by little and not a total and sudden full stop to your favourite foods. As time goes by your body system will get used to it. If you rush into it, the way you rushed in is the same way you will rush out of it because, of a truth, it is only the strong and resolute at heart that can make such decisions and stand on it to the very end.

This I did not discover until the later part of the year when I had added more kilograms to myself, but it’s never too late. As they say, never say never. I will start all over again; and this time I have removed that stereotype picture in my head about the slim guy and sexy guy with the tucked in tummy to my present self gradually slimming down and looking fit. I must also add that patience is a virtue and it yields results, whether in isolation or not. So wish me good luck again because this time I now have a good cause.

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