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Looking Beautiful Is Not Rocket Science

06-Apr-2014.By: Oluwa Hamat


Many ladies, especially those in a corporate environment crave for a balance of beauty, elegance and confidence. They seek beauty so passionately in their quest to complement their level of expertise or skills on the job and also to improve their personality.

For some of us who find ourselves in a corporate environment, we believe it is very important for us to showcase how much we value ourselves and also display that sense of style. In a nutshell, every lady that wants to remain beautiful should exhibit that allure in their look and lifestyle. She should display some level of class, poise and attractiveness. How do you achieve this? “It is not a rocket science”.

There are some healthy lifestyles that help ladies to remain beautiful and maintain of supple appearance; these lifestyles bring out the prettiness, confidence and also enhances the mental capacity of a lady. Every lady that finds herself in a corporate environment must submit herself to the following lifestyles. 

Avoid Risky Habits.  Try as much to stay away from smoking or a person who smokes. If you stay too close to someone that is smoking, then know that you are as badly affected the smoker. Ladies are also advised to stay away from alcohol intake. If you must drink alcohol, do so in moderation and be disciplined about it. 

Manage Stress. No matter what stage of life; either as a teenager, young lady, mother or grandmother, a woman often wears many hats and deals with a lot of pressure and stress. Take a few minutes every day just to relax and get your perspective back again, it doesn’t take long.  Mental health is very important to your physical well-being. Manage stress with exercise, relaxation techniques, or meditation. Engage in some form of exercise by walking a few floors up or down from whichever floor your office is. Do this twice a day to help you have a good stretch of your muscles and maintain fitness.

Choose Healthy Food.  For every female executive who want to maintain their fitness, there are some foods that should be considered and some that should be avoided. Select foods that are low in both sugar and highly refined carbohydrates. Minimize your consumption of sweets, soft drinks, sugary fruit juices and white bread. Choose whole fruits, freshly-squeezed juice and whole grain bread instead. Eat a variety of different whole foods instead of eating processed foods. Eat fruits and vegetables for their high vitamin and mineral content. Choose lean meat, beans for their protein content. Enjoy whole grains such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice. Eat low-fat dairy products. Maintain a healthy balance of diet every day. Also maintain a healthy eating habit, even at work, not permitting the popular excuse of busy schedule working people normally give that deprives them of healthy eating habit. 

Avoid Unhealthy Habits. Switching your diet plan regularly means you can end up depriving your body of essential nutrients and may mean you are consuming fewer calories than you need to keep your body active, resulting in low energy and if you are low in energy you are not going to feel motivated enough to exercise and are more likely to snack on high sugar foods.  

If you must diet, consult your doctor for the best plan for you personally and stick to that plan for the recommended time period, a properly planned diet is not a quick fix and you should not expect to see immediate results. Take your time and build your diet into a part of your lifestyle, rather than changing your routine overnight and suffering withdrawals, add a new healthy eating step a day and build it in as part of your everyday routine. The results will come and because you are working it in slowly the benefits on your health and general outlook are going to be long lasting. 

Keep Fit. You have probably heard by now that physical activity is good for you. It helps you manage your body weight and prevent gradual weight gain. This may reduce your risk of certain health problems. Yet with all the benefits of being physically active, maybe you haven’t quite gotten around to starting a regular activity routine. All you need to get started is a good pair of walking shoes. Create time to exercise your body, this will make you ladies look chic, and sophisticated. With this you are able to maintain both physical and mental alertness as well as achieve a balance of radiant look and improved performance on the job.

Maintain a Physical Health. When some people think of physical activity, all they think about is working out at a gym. If you don’t like doing those sorts of things, then the whole idea of being physically active may not be appealing. But being physically active doesn’t only imply that you should go on the treadmill, using tummy trimming machine or jogging. Activities that require as much or more effort as 10 minutes of brisk walking counts as a healthy physical activity. For instance, if you spend much of your day running up and down stairs at your workplace you may be getting plenty of healthy physical activity at work. 

Laughter is the Best Medicine. Become a glass-half-full person! Have you wondered why beautiful ladies that you admire around you wear good and big smiles?
You should appreciate the essence of positive attitude and its significance to your physical and mental health. Studies have found that those with a positive attitude suffer less from conditions such as heart disease. Find something to laugh at every day to feel-good and this also helps to build hormones. 

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