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‘Hmm… what I’m I going to wear for this event, should I look serious, sexy or laid back’? These thoughts go through many people’s minds on a daily basis, they struggle with indecision regarding what to wear. Some ladies would even spend several minutes trying some clothes on and then changing to another repeatedly, all in a bid to successfully wear a look that makes a statement (whatever that statement is).

Fashion is about dressing our body proportion to the very best. This is because our body shape is all about proportion. One way or the other, we generally know what looks good on us. The dress that makes us look confident or that jean trouser that just hugs in the right places. For guys, it may be that suit that makes you look dapper, such that people just have to compliment your look.

Of recent, the fashion norm has been for people to wear what is in vogue. Not minding if the clothes fit them or not. Some women believe ‘beauty is pain’; so a lot of them just wear what is fashionable instead of going with their body shape.

Let us have a cursory look at some helpful fashion hints for the women folk. There are five (5) female body types which are Apple, Rectangle, Pear, Wedge and Hour Glass. For the Apple shaped ladies, their weights are above the hips, which are narrow; their back, ribs and shoulders are broad. If you have this kind of shape, don’t worry, there are proper clothes to wear and still look stylish. Try wearing V-neck tops, this helps to create an illusion of longer torso; wear belts at the smallest part of your waist; also wear boot-cut and flared jeans (thank God these are back in fashion, LOL).

The Rectangle shaped ladies have waist, hips and shoulder width similar and are on the slim side. If you are one of them, wear scoop neck tops, long jackets, tops with collars, ruffles and have details to flatter the chest.

Ladies with the Wedge shape have broad chest and wide shoulders which are large in proportion to a narrow waist and hips. They can wear wide-leg pants, full skirts; should not wear spaghetti tops or boat neckline tops. They can also wear bright colours on their bottom or generally look for clothes that looks like they have waist.

Pear shaped ladies have their lower body wider than their upper body. They have to avoid clothes that draws attention to their hips and thighs. They should wear A-line skirts, wear ruffle tops; jackets that are right above the waist. They should also wear pointy-toed shoes to elongate your legs.

Lastly, the Hour-Glassed ladies have their shoulders and hips similar in proportion and a tiny waist. Wearing fitted dresses (but not too tight fitted clothes that affect breathing) helps accentuate the waist. They should wear wrap dresses, skinny and straight leg jeans; wear belts to enhance the waist and high-waist skirts.

For the men, we have three (3) body types, which are Endomorph, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph. The Ectomorph are the skinny guys, they are lean muscled, have fast metabolism; they find it hard to gain weight, are also flat chested and have small shoulders. For them, light coloured clothes, that make them look larger is an ideal. If you belong to this category, do not wear monochrome clothes, as they make you look the same from top to bottom (this makes one look like a pole, which is not nice to see). Also, wear horizontal stripes, this looks good on slim guys; it helps them appear wide and cuts down height.

Mesomorphs are the muscled guys who are athletic, generally have a hard body, and are strong. They have well defined muscles, rectangular shaped body, they also gain muscle and fat easily. For men who have this body type, please do not wear horizontal striped clothes, as this makes the body wider and makes you look heavier. Wear vertical stripes instead, they help elongate the body. Always wear the right size of clothes. Most muscled guys feel if they wear bigger clothes it will cover their size; but the funny thing is, it just makes them look bigger. Dark coloured clothes are also good, this helps to slim down the body, while light colours expand it.

Lastly, the Endomorph are the soft and round bodied guys. They gain muscle and fat very easily, are generally short, stocky and built. They have round physique, find it hard to lose weight, have low metabolism and their muscles are not well defined. For these guys, try to wear vertical striped clothes, they help one appear taller. Wear clothes that do not cut the body in half, i.e., if you work in an office that you have to tuck in your shirt, try and switch to a sweater to make you look like you have an elongated body. Also, if one must wear a tie, try wearing slim ties, this gives one height.

It is advised that we do not wear tight fitted clothes, as they make us uncomfortable, we tend not to breathe well; sometimes distorts the body shape and it also does not aid digestion. For ladies, the thought of always wanting to look good and sexy is always there. Permit me to say, a lady can look good wearing clothes that fits and does not make one look like they are struggling to breathe.

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