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Keep Diseases Away... Develop Personal Hygiene Habits

12-Mar-2016.By: Machi Solomon


Hello, do you mind if we talk health on personal hygiene? Okay, let’s start by asking ourselves one simple question. How well do you preserve and promote your health?...


By one way or the other, you must have been taught about personal hygiene, either at school or at home. But do you still apply those daily hygienic exercises you once learnt at home or in school? Well, even if you don’t anymore, probably because you found them boring or unnecessarily frequent, don’t you think now might be the right time to start all over again?


In case you’re still wondering why you should start over again; well, it is because personal hygiene is the first step to having a good health. It will not only protect you from ill health but will shields those around you from contacting diseases that result from poor personal hygiene.

These days, people take personal hygiene for granted. Little do they know that habits such as washing of hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based sanitizing gel before preparing, eating, and after your meal, after going to the bathroom, after handling dirt or garbage, and after coughing or sneezing will prevent contact with germs that can subsequently get into the mouth.


I hope you will you agree with me that most times, people love having their meals first before brushing and flossing their teeth, and because they feel the fresh fragrance in their breath, they forget to clean their teeth until the evening of that day. Well, see what happens when you miss brushing your teeth in the morning, at night or when you take sugary meals like chocolate - Bacteria begin to build up to form a clear sticky film on your teeth called plaque which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. In other to avoid this, always brush at least twice a day. As you do that, kindly pay attention to the fact that you are getting rid of the food particles stuck in between your teeth, and of course, don’t leave behind the tongue and the inner surface of the teeth.


Am sure you know that keeping your body clean is an important part of keeping you healthy and helping you to feel good about yourself. Most times, looking good is as a result of careful and continuous healthy shower. Research have shown that people who don’t have a regular bath at night and in the morning end up having skin diseases and developing body odour. Will you also agree with me that most times at night, when you return from school or at work, you feel so tired to bath and all you could think of is dinner and sleep? Have you ever wondered what sort of damage you cause on your skin when you go to bed with… a sweaty skin, makeup face, germs on your body due to the nature of your job? Or when you wake up in the morning without bathing? Your skin begins to develop body odour, it begins to have skin disease which regular bathing can be the remedy in getting rid of this germs.


Another important exercise of personal hygiene is by maintaining a healthy surrounding. You know what happens in your home when you are expecting an ‘august visitor’ and before that guest arrives. You must have engaged in yourself in an indoor environmental sanitation even when you know that day isn’t the last Saturday of the month. And after the visitor is gone, you return to your normal routine. It is pertinent to note that forming a habit of an unhealthy surrounding will only breed germs, and illnesses into your home and make these uninvited guests feel comfortable and relaxed within your surroundings. (One relevant trick about this point is that people who maintain a healthy surrounding have high self-esteem and are always confidences in having an ‘august visitor’).So, let’s form the habit of putting into actions these hygienic habits, and protect the ones we love by living healthy with them.

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