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24-Dec-2014.By: ENIFOME Emmanuel


There’s nothing more pleasant and inspiring than the fresh sweet scent of Christmas in the air, the atmospheric radiance from the myriad of decorative lights of the Christmas tree that brightens our homes and streets, the nine lessons and carols, Christmas medleys, the customary frying of Christmas chickens, wrapping of Christmas gifts, Santa scooping gifts and candies down chimneys. 


The celebration of Christmas started a long time ago, when baby Jesus was born in a manger, three wise men heard of him, and traveled following a shining star, to see and bear him gifts. This season celebrates its significance in the joy of a new beginning and the very important things in life, which are showing love, forgiveness, sharing with opened arms, and most of all, spending time with family and friends. The spirit of Christmas brings with it good tidings, joy, laughter, togetherness and hope that usher us into the New Year.


Many people spend their time working and busy making money all year round, so a season like this is what they look forward to, so they can be around their loved ones and take time off their everyday hustling and bustling life; to have some rest and visit new or old places.


So how are you spending your Christmas? However you choose to, either quiet or loud, it is imperative to make it impactful; create memorable time with your family, buy a Christmas tree and decorate together, play fun games together, pick up old family pictures, create a time to bond and laugh with your family, share Christmas gift with them, take family trips to visit other relatives and visit places you all have always longed to visit, see now showing movies at the cinema together and take a lot of pictures and selfies to remind you of this years’ experience. If you are going to spend the Christmas alone, fret not, it still can be beautiful. Don’t spend time feeling lonely or sorry for yourself, you can create fun ways to still keep the Christmas spirit alive. You can attend Christmas music concerts or download off the internet a nice collection of Christmas songs to keep you happy. Buy yourself gift and unwrap them on Christmas day, cook yourself a very special dinner, try out new recipes from cook books, and if your friends are within reach, you can invite them over to try it out with you, finally, there are a lot of beautiful Christmas movies, to lighten you up, remember it’s a season to be cheerful.


As we celebrate this season of Christmas, let’s not also forget the important things as we prepare for the New Year, which are living right, showing love, and staying healthy. As we visit our loved ones and share gifts. Leave behind an even greater gift, which is promoting healthy living to them. Endeavor to enlighten or remind them of how they can improve their living standard in aspects that include eating balanced diet, exercising, and regular routine check-ups. Only the healthy will have the chance to celebrate again and again.

We wish you and your entire family a healthy and beautiful Christmas!

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