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HAPPY EASTER: How to Have a Healthy and Safe Easter Holidays

24-Mar-2016.By: Machi Solomon


Easter is here again, a moment we’ve all been waiting for, to commemorate the resurrection of Christ. Beyond attending church services, Easter offers all sorts of wonderful activities amongst friends, families and loved ones- from decoration to giftings, cooking, family visits, travelling, and even having some indoor Easter parties. As you prep-up for this Easter season, we urge you to appreciate the gift of your health and safety as some holiday hazards are likely to occur. Here are some safety tips to guide you all through the Easter holidays.


Wash Your Hands Often.

Washing your hands is the first step to maintaining a healthy and safe Easter holiday. You know your hands will practically be in-charge of lots of activities this season. Besides, it’s a festive occasion and of course, you can’t help but carry beautiful babies, hug and shake friends when you see them in church, at home, as you visit or while attending any social gathering. While such gatherings are fun to be, it is pertinent to note that microorganisms like bacteria can be easily contacted.


Keep A Safe And Hygienic Environment

You may assume that keeping your environment clean is easy, but during festivals like Easter, especially when it comes to preparing and celebrating, maintaining a healthy and safe environment can be one big chore to deal with. For instance, there will be families with little kids in your house this Easter; the kids will want to play around and litter the home even after you are done cleaning. On the other hand, they could be prone to sharp objects as they play around. Even kids want to join mummy in the kitchen.


Watch and Supervise the Kids

Ensure your kids are supervised at all times. Children are at high risk for injuries during holidays, they are exposed to toys, and unsafe instruments as they jump and play within and outside the surroundings. Kindly keep a watchful eye on them when they’re eating or playing, check around for preventable hazards before they go out to play. And most especially the toddlers who are more prone to choking objects like coins and battery. Ensure you check their mouth, nose and ears as these body openings are places where dangerous object are hidden. Take out unsafe tools and have the whole place properly cleaned up and disinfected.


Manage Stress.

Stress during Easter ranges from preparations, down to cooking, decorating some gift items, having some parties and what have you. As you celebrate this Easter, we advise that you don’t work alone, you could divide the chores amongst family and friends in the environment you find yourself. Keep a relaxed and positive outlook, and make sure you get proper sleep at the end of the day.


Drive/Travel safely.

During festive periods like Easter, families love travelling within and across the country to visit friends and relations. If you will be travelling this Easter, kindly ensure your trip is safe. By doing this, don’t drink and drive, and if someone else is going to drive, ensure that he or she doesn't drink before getting into the steering and even while driving. Also, note that seat belts are not there for fancy, but for your safety. Before hitting the road, wear a seat belt. As you do this, don’t leave the kids behind, use a child safety seat to buckle your child in the chair or a seat belt that is appropriate for his/her height, weight, and age.


Prevent Injuries.

Injuries can happen anywhere, and some often occur around the holidays. Use step stools instead of climbing on furniture when hanging decorations. Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or skateboarding to help prevent head injuries. Keep candles away from children, pets, walkways, trees, and curtains. Never leave fireplaces, stoves, or candles unattended.


Handle And Prepare Food Safely.

Mothers! As you prepare your Easter rice, we advise that you handle everything you do with care including frying of Easter chicken, meat, or fish. You know the oil has to be hot before you deep them in and in doing so, the oil can splash on you. Kindly ensure that you are careful while slicing the onions and otherwise so you don’t get injured. Also, concerning the safety of your food, ensure you buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market and wash before use.


Eat Healthy, and Be Active.

There are several ways you can enjoy the Easter holiday, one of which is by eating healthy and being active. With well-balanced and moderate consumption of food, you can be rest assured that you will be looking healthier by the time the holiday is over. If you are going to be at a friend’s, home, party, name it, just ensure you pick fresh fruits, healthy meals, stay off alcohol, and candies. And while at parties or at home, find fun by dancing to your favorite music this Easter, this will help you stay active before you resume activities after the Easter. Help your family to achieve the desired nutritional balance with the regular use of a very good multivitamin and mineral supplement like Astymin.


Your family may not have enjoyed the nutritional balance that provides all the needed vitamins and minerals in the food you give them during this Easter, there is, therefore, no better way to show them love by giving them the recommended dosage of Astymin every day to make up for the nutritional imbalance in their food. Astymin is a nutritional supplement specially formulated for adults and children, it is prepared with amino acids which help synthesizes protein for the body.


Also, show your children more love and make them mentally alert and happy during this Easter with a dose of Astymin at recommended intervals every day. Your kids will grow physically healthier and stronger. They possess strong bones, strong healthy gums and teeth, fresh and glowing skin texture, hair growth, brighter vision and stamina. As you do these, you can be rest assured that your family will have a wonderful Easter holiday without unhealthy interference.



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