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14-Mar-2016.By: Machi Solomon


Imagine your bank credits your account every morning with $86,400, but doesn’t give you the opportunity to save on daily basis, neither does it allow you to keep cash balance, and once it is evening, it debits the remaining amount of dollars that you failed to use during the day. Then one day without giving you any warning, it suddenly stops crediting your bank account. What will you do? How will you ensure that not even a penny is left in your account before a day runs out and that when it’s time for your bank to debit the remaining money from your account, they find nothing in it? Of course you will want to withdraw every penny before the night fall and ensure you purchase all that you desire for yourself, your family and loved ones, you might even go as far as providing for the needy and even the community. Sure you will do all this every day just to make sure no penny is a waste, right?


Well, although at the first glance of this write up you probably be wondering what bank will ever do such a thing. It is the Bank of Time. Time is that bank account that we all have, it is indeed the resources that we waste every day but do not even know. Unlike the money bank which is measured in currency, time bank is measured in seconds, minutes, hours and days.


There are 86,400 seconds in a day which we take for granted and when we fail to invest it for good. It is written off by nightfall, leaving us with no Balance Brought Forward on our account. Whatever you were unable to do yesterday cannot be carried over to tomorrow. You cannot even save some time and bring it into the next day so as to have extra, neither can you go back to retrieve your past time. This is what happens in our everyday life. We are always credited with 86,400 seconds, or in other denominations of 1440 minutes and 24 hours, to make quality use of our time.


Today, many people regret some certain actions or inactions, wishing they had the opportunity to correct their past, to make things right, or to have some extra time to do “A or B”. In as much as we know time waits for no one, we still feel we have more than enough time to achieve our goals. How you spend your time is decided by you alone and nobody else if you misuse it, you end up having yourself to blame.


It is another new day. You have been given another 86,400 seconds or its equivalents, so make valuable use of it. Today is another opportunity to make things right and spend your time wisely. Therefore, ensure you utilize your time to the fullest, adding value to yourself, your family, loved ones, and the society. Don’t misuse every second that passes by. Don’t leave any time penny (second, minute or hour) unused as it’s all gone by nightfall. Lastly, there is so much to use your time for, don’t waste yours on unwise or worthless endeavours.


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