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01-Aug-2014.By: Nurse Jane Akamadu


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Loosely defined, a working mother is a mother who as well works outside the home to earn income.

But there is more to that. The working mother does not just go outside to work for extra income; as she goes, the care and needs of her home is uppermost in her mind. Out there, she takes in all the struggles, hustles and bustles, harsh situations, and sometimes, even humiliations in the course of duty. And in most cases, she just smiles and braces for more!

A typical day of a working mother involves knowing and having in mind her office assignments. She has to rise early. She has to get to her job early, no matter what the traffic situation says. This is because she has to make sure her role as a mother does not get in the way of her duty to her employer. In the meantime, she has her kids to mind. She has to give special attention to each of them out of time that she does NOT have!

Becoming a mother is a most stupendous feeling for any woman! It is usually said a girl is born thrice: once when she herself is born, then when she gets married, and then when she gives birth to a child.

The natural principle or concept of motherhood is absolute unselfishness! When you become a mother you are no longer the centre of your own universe! You relinquish that position to your children! It is a mother who is always ready to take the hurdles in her way so that her child can go though path smoothly. She puts her garment on her child to keep him warm while she walks about cold. She sacrifices her sleep so that her child can have a restful and sound sleep. And that is even if she has to wake up early to meet her day job. At times she even opts to lose some days pay so as to create time to arranger proper medical attention for her kids in cases that are beyond her understanding.

 Stress loads are high for working a mother as she strives to balance work and family. For her, office and home are two totally different worlds. It is next to impossible to have the best of both worlds, yet they strive to find next option so none would lose out in any way!

A working mother is a two-in-one person. She handles two extremely difficult responsibilities with equal strength and vigor. She unifies her family; and she is either a team leader or a team worker at the office.  A most crucial aspect in the working mother’s typical day is that she never closes! She begins her second job at home every day when she gets home from her workplace. To her, this is nothing strange. She does all over again the things she did just before leaving home in the morning. And this time, she has her husband to feed as well. It is hard, almost impossible, to find language poetic enough to express the power, beauty, heroism, majesty of a mother’s love… never shrinking where the man cowers.

Take a step back and look at the big picture of motherhood and the joy it brings. There is nowhere a child is likely to be that a mothers prayer has not gone ahead!!!

On the way out the door, her stomach growls and she remembers she forgot to eat breakfast because there was no time for that. Yes!!! Being a working mom is hard enough. And what she mutters to herself all the time is… “I’ve got to get it together.” Her goal is to create a perfect life devoid of bumps and interruptions especially for her family, not really minding how it turns out for her.

In both her home and office, a working mother strives to control the chaos and then learns to go with the flow. But when all else seems to be down, then she resorts to a little humor, a little innovation, and a little creativity and dexterously applies the principle of “letting it go and blowing it off.”

What do you think? What is your opinion of the life of a working mother or her typical day? Viewed objectively, you would likely agree that all the things mentioned here are big parts of being a happy, more realistic and peaceful working mom.

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