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01-Aug-2014.By: Nurse Jane Akamadu


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Mother… The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. She never existed, a woman (Lady) existed. A mother is something absolutely new! It is a sudden metamorphosis: a young woman, a lady is suddenly and automatically remodeled a mother! And this metamorphosis takes place as soon as she brings into this world another life, another creature by God.

The metamorphosis comes through pain and agony! This pain though is a pain that has a lot of positive hopes; a pain that makes her become different, a pain that makes her assume an office that she will occupy for the rest of her existence on planet earth! More importantly, now, her thinking matures and her understanding of the meaning of life changes. Mothering is a colossal job! It doesn’t end with just giving birth to the child. The real task lies in nurturing and bringing them up.

The role of a mother is a vast and difficult one, yet very enjoyable and rewarding. It is the highest paid job ever, since its wages is love and untold future blessings. Nothing can be compared to it! Being a mother and all it entails it’s a virtue that comes out from within, an office that cannot be imitated by the opposite sex. From the cradle to adulthood, she nurtures babies as the doctor, the nurse, the teacher, the cab driver, the cook, the house keeper, washer-woman, the lesson teacher, the school assignments solver, etc. She strives to bring her children up in the manner that they should grow properly, giving them the right training appropriate to their ages, abilities and interests. In addition to being these and more, she is also a wife! And so she has to be a friend, a confidant, a supporter, and a companion to her husband also. Then think of this: who does the housekeeping accounts? So the working mother, and indeed all mothers are accountants too!

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